Reading Log

Rio by Annie Zaleski…about the making and the enduring appeal of the Duran Duran Album “Rio”

I absolutely loved the Dave Grohl book. Very differently written from a traditional autobiography but told with his trademark good humour. It shows how he developed to the man he is today. I am a fan of his and of the Foo Fighters although I must say, Nirvana were not my thing at the time.

A new magazine caught my eye. Blitzed. Covering the era that I am really a huge fan of, that of the New Romantics, Blitz Kids and the UK post punk era, this magazine covers that time with such an in-depth analysis it is so different. There is social comment about the time which is informative and also it looks at new up and coming bands who are influence by the era. I like how disability is brought in to the conversation which is so interesting as I am disabled myself, comparing it from then and to now. Just brilliant