Reading Log

The misunderstanding is that this is Andrew Ridgeley’s autobiography but it isn’t. He does say a little about his upbringing but the food deals mainly with meting George Michael, their lifelong friendship and the formation of Wham!

I enjoyed this book immensely as it was an interesting insight into the start of a band and the ensuing struggle to be discovered. There was much I already knew and much that I didn’t.

The book has been panned by a lot pop critics but the title says what you need to know. If you are looking for the definitive autobiography of Andrew Ridgeley this is not the book for you.

This was an enjoyable read but I do feel that the story has been glossed over a bit. What I mean by that is that Elton could have written much, much more. An informative read he conveyed using details of his upbringing, why he has the personality traits that he does which have affected his adult life. I did enjoy where he discussed how he writes his songs.

I am not Elton’s biggest fan, I certainly could not listen to the majority of his back catalogue and I have not had the urge to see him live as I have heard diverse and uncomplimentary views, but I do have a fondness for Elton.

The book is very well written and has given us a chance to see a true side of Elton even though it no doubt is not as in-depth as it probably could have been.

I throughly enjoyed reading this. It is a book written by someone who is passionate about the subject and that makes all the difference. I learnt things about Kraftwerk but also regarding German culture which influenced the music made at the time the band was formed. Very insightful and a must if the music you listen to has been influenced by Kraftwerk.