Part 3 – Nineteenth century innovations

Project One – Technical innovation and the orchestra

Musical instrument development

Instrument makers – Learning log Page 14

Saxophone Music – Listening Log page 28

Research point – auxiliary instruments of the orchestra Listening Log page 27

Project Two – Romantic Music

Ludwig van Beethoven

Exercise – Classical and RomanticLearning Log page 14. Listening Log Page 29

Exercise Programme Music – Learning Log Page 15

Richard Strauss

Gustave Mahler – Listening Log Page 30

Nationalism in music

Composers associated with nationalism include the following





Vaughan Williams



Exercise – expressing national identity – Listening Log Page 31

Exercise – The Folk traditionListening Log Page 32

Project Three – New audiences

The piano recital

Franz Liszt(1811-86)

Exercise – Transcribing for the pianoListening Log Page 33

Salon Music



The public concert

Musikverein, Vienna

Gewandhaus, Leipzig

Palais Garnier, Paris

Paris Conservatoire

Royal Philharmonic Society London

Music hall and Variety

Exercise – Go to a concert.

Unfortunately unable to do so at this time

Project Four – Wagner and Opera

Guiseppe Verdi (1813 -1901)

Georges Bizet(1838-75)

Richard Wagner (1813-83)

Research point – Wagner – Learning Log Page 15

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