Part 1 Music Today

Project one – Listening to Music in the modern world

Exercise – How would you define Music – Learning log Page 1

Exercise Listening log Page 1

Exercise Exploring Genres – Listening Log Page 2

Project two – Music in Modern Contexts

Research point – Pop vs Classical Listening Log Page3

Research point – The Qualities of Pop Music Learning log Page 2

World Music in A Multicultural Society

Research Point – Listening Log Page 4

Exercise – Music in Film – Learning Log Page 3

Music and Technology – Listening log Page 5

Project three – instruments of the Orchestra

Listening to instruments in the orchestra – Listening log Page 6

Project four – Contemporary Classical Music

Research point – Listening log Page 7

Contemporary Classical Music – Listening Log Page 8

Religious composers (holy minimalism) – Listening Log Page 9

Minimalism – Listening Log Page 10

New Complexity – Listening Log Page 11

Choral Music/tonality Listen log Page 12

Microtonality and spectralism –Listening log Page 13

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