Live Music

I have been a fan of this band for years, having first seen them in the 80s, and have seen them in varying line ups, this being the latest with a new front man – Ross William Wild – replacing Tony Hadley.

Ross smashed this gig, it was the last of a small series of gig but his voice had warmed up sufficiently to play the London gig, which was the final gig, and totally blow the roof off. The songs were sharp and what endeared me to him was that he didn’t try and replace the former lead singer, he did his own justice to the songs but gave them a breath of fresh air. His lyrical interpretations were spot on and I left the show feeling euphoric.

This is one of those bands that was on my bucket list and it was a thrill to see them at last.

The show started off with support from Tom Bailey (ex Thompson Twins) and Belinda Carlisle. Tom was fantastic bring a unique interpretation to the hits he had with his former and some of his solo work which I love. Belinda looked and sounded fantastic and also got the crowd going. She was better than I had expected to be honest.

Culture Club didn’t get off to a good start as there was a power cut after three minutes so they had to go off and start again so it took its time to get up to speed. George’s vocal range has reduced over the years but he still sounded good and they performed tracks from their new album and also many of their hits. I was blown away with the musicality of band member Roy Hay, definitely a musician who has not been given his due by critics over the years.

A throughly brilliant show.

The number of times that I have wanted to see this bands and the number of times it wasn’t meant to be. This time though, perfection in timing and perfection on the stage.

The gig was so much more than the original billing of the Hysteria album in full. Cheap trick were the support act but sadly I think they are more recognised in their native USA. Lyrically I couldn’t make out some of what was being sung but performance wise they were great and their lead guitarist pulled out a number of amazing guitars which I believed would be impossible to play.

Def Leppard. When bands play an entire album track by track, in running order it can sometimes be like sitting at home listening to it because some tracks just don’t work. However this album did. Every track was delivered with such perfection but was pushed to its limits in terms of quality and musicality. The live version ran for well over an hour, They took a short break and then delivered a powerhouse of their other hits in the same perfect fashion. I was left breathless after this gig as it was so good and well worth waiting for. Superb musicaship complimented by stunning visuals and light show! All recorded for a future release too!

If you want to see a music genius live then you need to go and see Nile Rodgers.

This was his first ever arena tour and words cannot describer how absolutely perfect this was. The band were so in tune with one another and every song was executed to absolute perfection. You definitely had the cream of the worlds musicians on stage. The music was feel good and I have never seen so many people just having a good time and enjoying every song that was played.

Simply one of the best concerts I have ever been to.

After a much longer wait than previously thought I finally got to see this show and I was not disappointed with them. They had always been on my bucket list of bands to see. The support act was Alison Moyet and that was another bonus and she was superb. She chose a wide selection of songs covering all of her career so there was something there for everyone to enjoy, however I felt that some of her vocals were drowned out by the music. I’d like to see her again as she has a superb voice.

Tears for Fears were worth the wait. Every song was perfection and faithful to the original recordings. They played what I expected them to and they played all my personal favourites so that was me extremely happy indeed. They did slip in a few cover versions and I was very impressed with their version off “Freak” by Radiohead.

A superb evening which left me buzzing for days.

This was the 30th time I have seen Take That so that is one concert for each of their years. I have always enjoyed them as a live band and they continue to innovate and produce jaw dropping visuals coupled with top notch vocals. They give value for money and a great night out every time. Their support acts also have the power to draw you in and in the past we have seen Lady Gaga, Pert Shop Boys, All Saints and Lulu and this time the brilliant Rick Astley. Rick put on an exceptional and well received set and very much warmed the crowd up for Take That.

Take That did not disappoint they took us on an Odyssey of their hits with the whole crowd singing and dancing their hearts out. The stage concept was rather odd to say the least and looked like something from an old Pacman game, but everything just worked . The songs were sharp, solid and perfectly executed. My only disappointment of the night was Lulu going them on stage for “Relight My Fire” which was rather lacklustre and her vocals weren’t that great. Overall though a superb night.

I have always liked Paul Young and have seen him before. I have seen him at his very best and u fortunately at his worst when, in 2004 his voice was so awful I had to leave the concert hall because I was close to tears as the soulful voice was no more. He has however worked on his voice issues and is back to his best although some of his vocal range has reduced.

The support act was a brilliant Australian called Sinead Burgess who now resides in Nashville and she remains one of the best support acts I have ever seen and I bought her CD and met her in the interval. Her songs have meaning and they are beautifully crafted, with structure and purpose.

Paul was brilliant, the whole of the album was performed so well and it was a pleasure. The only thing really wrong with the evening was the attitude of the crowd. You DO NOT go to a concert to sit there looking miserable and either playing Candy Crush or god forbid sleeping! Rather disrespectful to the artist. Unfortunately due to lack of advertising the hall was only 1/3 full and I have a feeling Paul won’t be back here in the near future which is a shame. I enjoyed it which is the main thing.

What an absolute blast! The ability to wander in and out of a VIP area enjoying the music if we didn’t want to venture to the front and also the music we had extra in our VIP tent. I had seen some of the artists before but out of those I hadn’t I very much enjoyed Heaven 17.

A concert of pure bliss with the added support act of Rusty Egan, chatting as only he knows how. The entire Vienna album was beautifully performed and so were highlights from the Visage era and the odd solo track but wow, what an amazing night. I never tire of seeing Midge at all.

I never tire of seeing OMD and they are one of my favourite bands ever, this was a superb concert in support of their 40th anniversary! Great songs, wonderful banter and humour with the crowd and more energy than I’ve seen younger artists deliver. I’ll be seeing them again, that you can be sure of!

It is rare that I have nerves before a concert but this was one of those times. I have always loved Adam Ant and Adam and The Ants but I had waited 40 years to finally see him live and I was not sure what I was going to feel like.

Things didn’t get off to a great start as the support act were dreadful, such a complete noise I had to leave until they finished.

On Adam came and tears sprang to my eyes and more followed as that voice started the Friend or Foe section. He was truly amazing and it was worth the wait. The stage had a retro feel with the guitars having leads coming from their instruments to the amplifiers and the microphone similarly had its lead, it is not often this happens. Each song was given everything and after the album we had the hits. He surpassed my expectations. A consummate professional and he could certainly teach a you anger band the meaning of performance and interaction with your audience. There are many newer bands who could not perform at that intensity.

Finally in 2021 it is back to live music and all within a space of a few weeks in November and December.

A gig I really shouldn’t have attended due to having had Sepsis a month earlier. I went as we had seated front row so I knew I’d not be stood. It was worth it as the support acts were brilliant too and then Human League were amazing too.