Steve Reich hard copy of these pages in personal notes

🎼Music for 18 musicians – I really am not sure about this piece. I heard it and I didn’t like it but I actually caught an interview with the composer on TV and they play an excerpt of this and it was amazing.  I think that particular excerpt was its original inception and if so I liked that particular interpretation of it.

🎼Different Trains – this really was not for me.

Terry Rileyhard copy of these pages in personal notes

🎼In C – I was not keen on this to start, as it was just the same note but as the music progressed with this same underlying note which I assume is a repetitive C major I noticed that other instruments were being drawn into it.  It began to take on a life of its own, with the constant central pitch it was strange, although on times the pitch was taking a step back from instruments entering the piece. It started off as annoying but then became much more enjoyable on the whole and at its climax a gentle repeating note.


Philip Glass-hard copy of these pages in personal notes

🎼Glassworks – the instant I heard the opening bars I thought, I have heard this somewhere before.  The piano in opening is so beautiful and gentle, then onto Floe  woodwind and some brass conveys movement, almost like a train on the tracks but made to sound like it’s nice the speed, akin to speeded up footage you see of a busy place. Islands I do believe I have heard before, maybe in TV or a film I am not sure. Rubric and Fascades have a similar feel to that of Floe and Islands. As the piece continues I am drawn in by the different sections of the orchestra that Glass uses and I throughly enjoyed listening to this whole piece.

I would really like to see this in a live setting if at all possible.