🎼Mozart – Serenade No10 in Bflat K361 “Gran Partita”

An absolutely beautiful piece and one which left an impression on me – gentle yet powerful.  I love the way in which all the instruments can be heard and you instinctively know which instrument is which.  The harmonies produced are simply breathtaking.


🎼 Copland – Fanfare for the Common Man 

I was wondering if this was the piece I thought it was and I was right but I have heard a much more modern take on this before I listened to this version.  I was very impressed with its original setting and I adore the percussion elements in the piece.


🎼Elgar – Serenade for Strings

Even though this started very brightly, the hint of melancholia seeped in and increased throughout the duration of the piece.


🎼Bartok – Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta

This was an amazing piece! To be able to see this live must be something. very impressive. I love the way the timpani is performed in this and the percussion stands out.

In-depth examination – Brass 

Apple Music Playlist – hard copy of these in personal notes

Horn – hard copy of these pages contained in personal notes

Tuba – hard copy of these pages contained in personal notes

Trumpet – hard copy of these pages contained in personal notes


Conveys a relaxed feeling and sometimes one of romance. They can sound light and airy, quick and also very gentle and soothing.


Strength, determination and masculine spring to mind.  The determination to be heard, strength to succeed and I would expect brass to be at the forefront of male dominated operas, stories and film scores.  Also conveys a regality. Example, the Star Wars theme suits its brass led theme.  A strong story to tell.  I guess you could also add a sense of darkness in here as in the character of Darth Vader he is a black, evil character.


Strings are playful, bringing the light colour to the piece, cheery thoughts and just meandering along like a flowing river. In a minor chord there is an element of melancholia but strings are nothing but versatile.  A gentle graceful string piece and you could be led to dance.  Strings can also convey a sense of romance too.


An amazing section which I didn’t;t realise had such versatility especially when playing the timpani. The piece I listened to made me in awe of its range.  Percussion is strong.

Overall I believe I am mostly drawn to pieces of music which have it all, incorporating the majority of the orchestral instruments.  If I had to be pinned down to  a particular composer then I would say Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, as his pieces are the ones that I seem particularly drawn to.