Holy Minimalism

Sir John Tavener hard copy of these pages in personal notes

🎼The Lamb – a beautiful piece of music which I found very hard pressed to even placed in the contemporary music category

🎼The Protecting Veil – a different pice of music. Very powerful but I was hard pressed again to place this in a contemporary music category.  I could hear the influence of Russia (he converted to the Russian Orthodox faith ) and this added to the power of the piece.

From listening to these two pieces I must say that I really like the composer and would choose to listen to a live performance if I had the chance.

Arvo Part– hard copy of these pages in personal notes

🎼Spiegel im Spiegel – a beautiful piece of music.  A gentle piano with accompanying violins.  I was not expecting this and felt this was an older piece of music which I was more than happy listening to. (If I can call it older music).  I enjoyed listening to this.

🎼Cantus in memoriam – This was stunning! The violins were amazing.  I adored the tolling of the bell as it conveyed the religiosity but wasn’t too much in that instance. A wholly beautiful piece of music

Henryk Goreckihard copy of these pages in personal notes

🎼Symphony No 3 – a dramatic piece of work with vocals blended in beautifully.  I was wholly impressed with the depth of the piece.  Again this did not seem to fit into what I would call contemporary music.