Listening Log Page 39

šŸŽ¼Albinoni – Oboe Concerto in D minor op9

I throughly enjoyed listening to this piece. The oboe stands out from the rest of the orchestra so beautifully. I heard the dialogue clearly and the imitation of some of the parts. I can hear what I believe to be harpsichord played in this and it sounds really beautiful. Strings are crisp and clear, allowing the oboe to come to the front and shine. I do agree that the second movement is beautiful.

šŸŽ¼Telemann Concerto in D for Trumpet and Violin TWV 53:

What a lovely piece and not what I was expecting. I actually expected a louder trumpet but the trumpet sounded gentle. The violin was the perfect accompaniment to the trumpet and I could hear how simple the trumpet was compared with the violin. The omission of the trumpet in the central movement was a surprise as you’d assume that in something written for Trumpet and Violin you would hear the trumpet more. I loved the alternating notes in the final movement and this was a piece I enjoyed listening to.

šŸŽ¼Recorder Concerto in C Minor by Vivaldi RV441

I am absolutely blown away by the beautiful sound coming from the recorder in this concerto. Coupled with the harpsichord it is a lovely sound. I never appreciated the beauty of the instrument and this really does come forward in this piece.