Listening log Page 35

The Mannheim School

🎼Mozart Flute Concerto in G

I enjoyed listening to this piece and decided to start by following the flute part itself. I did find the strings a little confusing. I managed for about two thirds of the piece and then I lost the score which was sad. As I have done music theory I can identify certain performance directions so trills and staccato notes were easy and so were the rests and different note lengths,. I do find that I am getting better at following a score though.

Following the score didn’t distract from my enjoyment of the piece, in fact it showed me that playing these pieces is not easy. I thought that the Mannheim school was evident in the old passages for the flute which gave the flautist a chance to show their skills. A distinct motif in the extract was evident and repeated by the strings as well as the flute. It was delightful.

As I have taken to reading the scores of pieces lately I think this is a great way to continue as I will get better at it and enjoy certain features of music more as the course and further courses progress.