Listening Log Page 34

🎼Beethoven – Symphony No1 in C Major

Sonata form

Listened to this but also had a printed copy of the entire score before me so that I could try to understand and read the score as I moved along, the first movement noting everything contained in my course notes. I fell a little behind as I was trying to follow the violins but then listened to the piece again and I had the feel for the piece. It was very interesting to read this as I followed the score.

🎼Hayden String Quartet in B Flat Major Op 1 No 1

Dance movement

As with the first exercise I decided to look at a score for the piece as I was listening. I could understand what the course notes were asking me to note, it helped to have that score in front of me to look at.


Solo instrument with orchestral accompaniment. In the classical era they typically had three movements, with solo passages alternating with sections in which the majority of the orchestra played (known as tuttis). An improvised or solo cadenza was included in the first movement before the final tutti, allowing the soloist the opportunity to demonstrate virtuosity. The central slow movement was usually lyrical and melodic in a key related to the tonic (relative major, minor, subdominant or dominant). The finale was frequently composed in Rondo forms (ABACA – where the first section keeps returning in between different sections.)

🎼Mozart Piano Concerto no 21

I chose to listen to this with the score so that I could see that was happening as described. What a beautiful piece of music. The dialogue between the solo piano and the orchestra stones through and I can hear the themes as they run through the piece. I did lose myself in the score a few times because I am not used to reading at such a pace but I really enjoyed the understanding I had of the music by doing it this way and it helped me better understand music theory.

String quartets

Popular chamber music from 1760 to 1800. Works were originally called divertimenti (composition for a group of similar instruments, intended as background music). A typical string quartet is scored for two violins, bola and cello.

🎼Beethoven String Quartet Op18 no 1

Again to better understand the piece I followed it using the score.

Absolutely beautiful piece, I could understand the music as I read the description and listened using the score. I find it fascinating that the quartet can sound as if there are more people playing the there are.