Listening Log Page 33

Beethoven’s 5th symphony – the original as compared to the Transcription by Franz Liszt. The main difference is that the original piece has the full orchestration and the Transcription doesn’t. You are comparing a full orchestra with a piano. Whilst you can hear that it is he 5th Symphony when listening to the piano version I hear very little passion compared with the original. The original has mesmerising strings that convey the drama of the piece and you can hear the differences in pitch of the motifs as you move through the movements and whilst you can hear a difference in the piano it lacks the subtle nuances of the orchestra. The piano lacks the feeling conveyed by the full orchestra. I prefer the original for its drama. I think the Liszt version, whilst accomplished diminishes the impact the strings and the brass and percussion have on the original version. I believe that the strings make this first movement what it is, you are straight in there, bam, passion from the first bar, drama, which the List piece lacks.