Listening Log Page 31

🎼Issac Albeniz – Tango

What an amazing piece played on the piano. The Spanish guitar is widely known and heard of and for me this tango sounds like it could also be played perfectly well on the Spanish guitar. The style fo the piano playing totally mimics the sound that you would hear if you were near to a Spanish guitar. A sound you would know is a Spanish guitar.

🎼Edvard Grieg- In the Hall of the Mountain King

This was a surprise as I have heard of this piece of music and didn’t realise it was Grieg. Does it sound Norwegian? Initially no, however upon reflection I do believe that Norway has been greatly influenced by Russia over the centuries and this has a Russian flavour to it. The squat dance, I have seen performed on countless TV shows by Russian Kosasks and which we possibly refer to as the Kossack dance. So yes it could be Norwegian but to me its heavily Russian influenced.

An English identity . I looked and to me the English identity is expressed in 🎼The Prince of Denmark’s March by Jeremiah Clarke, also known as the Trumpet Voluntary in D Major and certainly not by Purcell. I think a truly English sound needs to be regal and triumphant and I do believe that this song expresses that. It also does sound slightly medieval when you hear it which sounds like a harpsichord. This piece of music has also been heard at many a Royal occasion and I have heard this played at weddings. It sounds, as some would day, prim, proper and quite regal.