listening log Page 28

I happen to really like saxophone but have never really sat and listened to the greats.

Charlie Parker

.Absolutely blown away by his style of playing, and the overall style of music, beautiful double bass and piano playing in the pieces. Really interested to read that Parker wanted to study/collaborate with Edgard Varese buy his health issues and subsequent death didn’t allow them to meet. That would have been some work if that had actually happened.

John Coltrane

I was blown away by Charlie Parker but John Coltrane knocked me for six and left me wondering how on earth one man could get so much out of a saxophone. I was listening as I was doing a few household jobs and at one point I swear my jaw dropped. It was the sheer complexity of what he was playing and I didn’t know a saxophone had such a range. Some of the range in what he was playing really did knock me. Such a talent and the fact that he also died so young. I can understand why he was so influential in jazz. Different from Parker but equally as mesmerising.

Michael Brecker

A total contrast to Coltrane and Parker but I really enjoyed his style of play. I love the saxophone anyway but again he really knew what he could get out of the saxophone in a different way. Being more contemporary his style is different but I really like how his playing just flows. This is very laid back, chilled even and I like what he is doing in the songs that I have listened to.