Listening Log Page 26

🎼Poeme Electronique – Edgard Varese

Listening to this, it does sound far ahead of its time. I was very surprised with its modern feel in its electronic sounds. I feel that it could have been an experimental piece written today as it felt that modern. I can see how, at the time of listening it would have been controversial and caused a stir as it is very unusual. I admit though that I don’t like it. It doesn’t speak to me like other pieces I have heard.

🎼Gesange Der Jungelinge – Karlheinz Stockhausen

Initially it sounded to me like someone had recorded someone else recording the switching of a dial on a radio and then stitched the entire piece together to form the track. Listening to it this track didn’t appeal to me. However some things did strike me. There are some elements of this piece which I have heard in electronic music from a more recent time, and I now understand why Stockhausen is cited as such an influence on many electronic music artists. Bands like Kraftwerk, I can hear how they have been influenced, however in parts of this I that sounds like some early work by Bjork and then in some parts I could hear where Orchestral Manoeuvres era in the Dark were influenced in their early recordings. So even though I did not enjoy this particular piece, I would say that it has a strong bearing on a lot of what I have heard in bands like I know of and some that I am a fan of.

🎼John Cage – 4’33”

So when I first listened to this I was far from impressed and it is not one of my favourite pieces but I have listened to it again and I heard something completely different and thought, how utterly bizarre what I am hearing. Whilst this goes completely against my kind of music I find this piece intriguing because it must have messed with quite a few people’s heads when they first heard this. What a phenomenal impact this has had and I bet when I listen to this again I will hear something completely different again

🎼Pierre Schaeffer – Etudes aux chemins des fer

This piece is definitely way ahead of its time. You know it is about trains as you can hear that but you can also hear the attempt to replicate the clicker clack of train wheels on rail as the track progresses and I find this very hypnotic indeed. The train at the station, the door slamming and the train pulling out of the station. This is what I hear when I listen to this piece. I am not a fan of it but putting it in context of when it was first performed way way ahead of its time.

Pierre Boulez 1925 – 2016

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Olivier Messiaen 1908-1992

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Toru Takemitsu 1930 -1996

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