Listening Log Page 25

Exploring composition for Percussion

🎼Steve Reich Clapping Music

As this is called clapping music I am going to assume that the instruments used are the hands of the two performers undertaking the piece. However to me, it sounded very much like castanets, I am not sure if I was meant to hear this or there was an aid to this on the stage. This sounded very rhythmical and hypnotic and to me there was a hint of flamenco as I was hearing what sounded like castanets.

I actually could hear the rhythmic pattern clearly once the parts broke apart and I heard it all the way through the piece.. However as the piece moves on the particular rhythmic pattern seems to move when accompanying the other part. I can still hear it though. The phasing gives an interesting texture to the piece and I actually enjoyed listening to it.

I do believe this is a successful piece. I could hear the pattern even though it changed its placement once the parts separated, but maintained the steady hypnotic rhythm. As the piece moved along I felt like I was listening to more than two people performing the piece, it seems as if moving the ostinato creates an illusion of more performers than there actually are, making it interesting for the listener. I enjoyed the piece as a whole too.