Listening Log page 24

🎼Symphony No 5 in D minor Op 41

This starts off very dramatically and builds up using the brass section in full force which is very effective. The whole of the first movement seems to be very dark until the conclusion of the first movement where a gentle flute and woodwind brighten an otherwise dark section of the pice. The second movement is much gentler, sounding more optimistic and purposeful and less fraught. The third moment continues withe the gentler sound, with fluttering strings complimented by the percussion until the brighter light notes move into deeper. The movement ends with gentle notes from I think a harp closing the movement beautifully. Bang straight into movement four and now we have the austere Russian sound, the gentleness is gone and replaced by a heavier sound which gives a menacing a fearful feel and it becomes almost like a march and the decidedly funereal. There is a triumphant end with the timpani, brass and strings and it sounds magnificent,