Listening log page 22


John Cage – 4’33”

Performance at home – listened via noise cancelling headphones

This has to be the most bizarre piece of music that I have ever listened to in my life. Should music be written as “music” as it did not distinguish itself as music to me. I was sat here really straining to listen to any sounds. I did detect a faint humming, some slight noises possibly musicians moving in seats (if there were any musicians there and something being dropped. I was waiting patiently for something to make a musical sound and there was nothing. It is not music, to me it isn’t, I almost felt like I was in an exam room where there is silence except for the scribbling of pens on paper, and the ticking of the clock as it counts down the hours to finish. I have absolutely no idea why any composer would choose to do this and I was left feeling let down. I guess I would certainly call it a talking point!!! not for me I am afraid.