Listening log Page 21

🎼Edwin Roxburgh – At the Still Point of the Turning World

I do not like this piece of music at all. I found it so irritating I only listened to 8 minutes. The electronics in this make the entire piece sound artificial and if I were to choose a word – “tinny”. The piece is for a solo probe and as it merges with the electronics it is obscured and to me ruined. It does not sound quite right. When you hear the oboe at the start it sounds real but from what I heard the entire piece ends up feeling manufactured and I do not like the distortions. I hate the way the oboe is made to sound. I cannot hear the live oboe and I could not tell you if any other instruments were introduced. I simply do not like this piece at all. An oboe ruined!!

🎼Luigi Nono – Sofferte onde Serene

I cannot say that I love this piece but this was a much nicer piece to listen to on the whole, and I enjoyed it, actually managing to listen to the entire piece. . The electronics and the piano are indistinguishable and I cannot tell which is which. Both the live piano and that on the tape feel real in the context of the piece. The both parts work to form something which is very unique. I can hear the gentle lapping of the water in some of the higher notes and also the bells. The tape does not ruin the live instrument but blends and harmonises with it which makes for a much more listenable piece.

🎼Kaija Saariaho – Noa Noa

And the surprise here is I liked this piece, having totally hated one piece I had heard by the composer before. I think to fully appreciate the piece you have to know that it refer to an artwork by Gaugin and that the spoken word is from his travel diary. I do feel listening to this that Tahiti is reflected, with the beautiful flute and the text. It sounds pacific islands set. I am not sure what fully are the electronics. I can hear waves so I assume that some of the words are on tape and some noises but this blends in perfectly and enhances the flute. This piece complements the live flute, I think it shows how versatile an instrument this is in the right hands. Whatever is in the electronic part works in harmony to get the best out of the flute and the flautist. I think this is a beautiful piece, yes I said it, beautiful. Everything just works to convey Tahiti. Yes I loved it!!!