🎼Ravel – Bolero

This piece is familiar to me because I remember the way in which it as used in the 1984 Winter Olympics by Torville and Dean and I can remember the way they pirouetted and swayed in tune to the music and its dramatic crescendo. I had, however, never heard the full orchestral version until now.

I think the ostinato makes this piece. As it is being played the different pitches of the instruments are adding to the sound of it, giving the piece its flow. The constant melody being beaten out by the drum lends a regal feel to it whilst not being a march. The orchestra is used in bits and I think this lends itself beautifully to the repeated drum melody. However the pitches of the instruments lend, passion to it and drama, and softness. As the piece moves along and more instruments are performed together the piece takes on much more urgency but with a hint of passion in there I feel. I love the strings and the brass but I have to say that my favourite combination has to be at end when all the instruments are brought together but the percussion takes it to another level entirely, lending a masterful dramatic end to it, as all the instruments stop. Beautiful piece (although I can see Torville and Dean dancing to it as I listened which I am trying to block out but it is hard.)