Listening Log page 17

🎼Edgard Varese – Ameriques

I think this piece certainly goes a long way to fit the dictionary definition of music in that what Varese is creating is almost certainly combining instrumental sounds to produce beauty in the form of a piece of music and it very much expresses emotion, the emotion of a city like New York in the earliest part of the 10920s. The orchestra has been used to its limit to produce these sounds and he has combined the use of a siren in there to coney the price sirens.

In my own personal thoughts and feelings I did say that “you can always discover music in many and varied forms” and this piece fits into that. the dictionary definition could be modified to state that music is the art of combining vocal or instrumental sounds and sounds not made by instrumentation but used to enhance a piece of music and bring it more to life than just using the standard instruments of an orchestra.