Listening log page 13

Microtonality and spectralism

Tristan Murail

🎼Gondwana – I thought this perfectly captured the breaking of the two landmass to make Earth. The tones coming through which did sound like synthesisers, perfectly captured the moment and it was not what I was expecting

🎼Allegories – couldn’t find anywhere to access this unfortunately

Gerard Grisey

🎼Les Espaces Acoustiques – I was listening and watching this and I could not believe the sounds being made from the instruments. Truly was inventive. I did find it very hard to listen to though and the music is really not for me in that respect

🎼 Les Espaces Acoustiques 2 – Again the sounds being made astounded me but unfortunately this sort of music just isn’t for me.

Hugues Dufourt

🎼Down to A Sunless Sea – couldn’t not find this anywhere

🎼L’Heure des Traces – could not find this anywhere