Listening Log page 12

Choral music/Tonality

John Rutter- hard copy of these pages in personal notes

🎼Requiem- this is one of the most beautiful pieces of work I have had the pleasure of listening to.  A religious piece but so beautifully arranged.  The vocals are beautiful, simple and fit in with the music. The music differs between the movements, convening that particular religious meaning and it is very effective.  As this is a Mass of the Dead you can hear this in the tone of the piece.  Beautiful

🎼Shepherd’s Pipe Carol

Eric Whitacre

🎼Cloudburst – Very different in comparison with Rutter as Rutter has a more simplistic harmony, whereas this is very complex. I wouldn’t even say this was a modern choral work, until there is a piece of text but even that doesn’t quite sound modern.  It is a piece I enjoyed listening to. The ending using clapping was intriguing. It sounded like clapping to me anyway.

Morten Lauridsen

🎼O Magnum Mysterium – a beautiful piece.  I lovee the way the vocal lines blend in and give the piece its reverence. The closing vocals are superb.