Listening Log Page 3

Pop vs Classical Music

I have been raised on a diet of current popular music and when very small my grandfather enjoyed listening to a lot of music which I called “Viennese waltzes” and which I still love to this day.

Good music is music which gives you a mood.  Happy, sad, in-between but music should be able to reflect how you feel – happy sounds should make you feel happy, and from the words of Elton John “sad songs say so much”.  I have always loved music which has had a feel good vibe, whether it be pop or dance.  I have never felt the need for depressing and sad songs and today that remains the same.  I am not a fan of love songs and ballads, although give me a rock ballad and I usually like that.  I love a good catchy tune, something that remains with you and something feel good.

I have always leaned towards pop music but since I have started this course I have a deeper appreciation of classical music.  This is made much more intense by my studies of music theory 1-5 and now that I am on Grade 6  I understand it more and I am sure I will have an even greater appreciation as I move up to grades 7 and 8.  Classical music pieces do tend to have themes which develop across the full work.  What we would probably call a conceptual piece.  You have conceptual pop music albums as well but nothing which is on the same scale as the orchestral piece which exist.

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