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Music of the week Monday August 20th to Sunday August 26th 2018

Monday 20th August 2018

My phone ringtone which is currently set to “Pale Shelter” by Tears for Fears.

Whilst having lunch, music from adverts and pieces of broadcasts.  The music in old reruns of Law and Order which sets the tone for drama.  The Jeremy Kyle Show pieces – the style of the music gives an indication of what or how the piece/segment will go.  The harder, edgier pieces for those who appear a little more “aggressive”, sympathetic tones for sadder parts and tones which are more neutral as you have no idea which way the segment will go.

Whilst working at my computer I usually put on iTunes and look to see what Apple Music has to offer to suit my mood.  Compilations of albums or albums by a particular artist, it depends on my mood.

Chose some new music today by Jake Shears. I loved the Scissor Sisters and this came up in the suggestions.  Took a listen and love it so much that I purchased it. I still have his memoir to read, which is up next once I have finished my current read.


Throughout the day there were many instances of music on the TV including the chants coming from the football, Crystal Palace with “Glad All Over” and Liverpool with “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, which is from the musical Carousel by Rodgers and Hammerstein.  Later in the evening I watched another instalment of “Unsolved” dealing with the unsolved murders of Tupac Shakur and The Notorious BIG, so there was music there which was unfamiliar to me.

Tupac Shakur
The Notorious B.I.G

Tuesday August 21st 2018

Today’s chosen listening consisted of the following

Tom Bailey – Science Fiction
Rick Astley – Beautiful Life

an Apple Music Favourite Mix compiled by Apple Music from my loaded/downloaded music

Apple Music compilation

I spent the evening with the telvision on and heard music in many forms again. The terrace chants at the Swansea City v Leeds United live football match and I caught snippets of the music that was being played during the half time interval.  Of course there was the music from the adverts and from another episode of the Unsolved television programme, which I heard more Rap/HipHop than I have ever done before.

Wednesday 22nd August 2018

Had some things to take care of at home so I stuck my iPOD onto the sound system and I listened to the following albums


David Bowie Heroes the album although the single happens to be one of my all time favourite songs


INXS – Kick – 30th anniversary edition. Superb production and sharper than the original recording.


The much critically acclaimed album. I am actually friends with their very talented bassist Les. His grooves on this album are second to none


This is my favourite band and the reason I love music and my reason for being alive. Their music has got me through some hard times as well as good and when their bassist’s John released his own custom bass guitar I bought it and started my music learning journey

Again my evening was full of songs from TV adverts and the football terraces as well as background music in TV shows as well as incidental music in TV shows.

Thursday 23rd August 2018

This was a very quiet day for music.  All I heard in the morning was the music from the beauty salon as I passed by.  I didn’t play anything at home but in the evening the music I heard was from TV adverts however there was a huge amount of music whilst watching WWE Summerslam. You  have the advertised theme music but you also have the music of each of the superstars as they enter the arena and it is all varied with some being very catchy.

Friday 24th August 2018

Quiet day again as I was out.  I did hear music from car radios, muzak and lotsof mobile ringtones.  Watched the rest of the WWE Summerslam, so I had their music as well as those of adverts.

Saturday 25th August 2018

Saturday means football so as I listen to various broadcasts I hear so much music from the terraces, adverts and songs.  Very diverse selection.

Sunday 26th August 2018

I always have Absolute 80s radio tuned in on Sunday’s so there was plenty of my kind of music.  In the afternoon again there was all the associated football music, adverts and background music


In reflection I thinking am quite rigid in the the way that I listen to music. On the radio I tend to stick to the same station and sing along happily to the radio  whilst with CD’s or Apple Music I find I listen more and absorb things in a different way.

I find the music or incidental music that occurs in the TV programmes can be very loud and annoying and detracts from the spoken word and the programme itself.  However the programme that I watched concerning Tupac and Notorious BIG, the background music enhanced the listening and viewing experience but it blended and didn’t distract from the plot and the ongoing dialogue.

Whilst listening this week I have noticed music and how it fits in.  Music makes me happy.  Music in sporting situations makes me feel “Yes, lets do this” and terrace songs are sung with such a passion it can border on amazing.  I have taken more time to consider the situations that the music is found and whether I like it or not.

An interesting exercise.

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