Listening Log – Composing Music

Paganini Variations by Boris Blacher

This has certainly been a surprising and enlightening listen. Each variation seemed to alternate and the dominant themes I heard were ones which were more of a march in style and others which seemed to have more of a jazz feel. Very unpredictable but I really liked this and I have liked what I have listened to. During some of the variations the strings seemed so speedy that I wondered how on earth they could be played but I was very drawn to them enjoying this speed and the sound of the melody.

I do believe that the variable meter made some of the instruments stand out more from others which I found very effective. I noticed this mostly with the woodwind and strings. It was sometimes dramatic and sometimes softer. That may seem odd but that is how it sounded to me as I listened. It was an immersive listen and overall I was pretty impressed with how breathtaking the piece sounded with the variable meter.