Listening Log – Composing Music

JS Bach – Fugue in G major

This is a very pleasant piece to listen to. I listened through first without the score and then picked it up and went though it again. After this I sat down and studied the score and I have identified what I feel are the points I need to know.

I have identified the motif which I believe is at the root of this piece and the I have looked to see where the piece has the four devices. As much as I can I do believe I have found examples of the devices used. I have noted that there are a lot of places where a little of the main motif is used and here it is subjected to all four devices. To indicate them all on here I would have made a mess of the score itself. It was very interesting to to note all these things happening. Listening to this piece which is pleasant as I said you would never know that it is made up of variations on a motif. Even the melody which is a pleasant addition has some parts of the motif. I could argue that this is in itself a piece which is simply constructed but sounds that there is more going on .

JS Bach – Fugue in D Major BMV 580

This piece was much different to the one which I had listened to be before. Again, I listened to the piece before I printed the score and listened for a second time. Following the score I could see that this time there was quite a lot more going on here than in the previous piece.

I have annotated the score where I believe there are examples of the devices of counterpoint. However looking at the piece as a complete work I have come to the conclusion that it is a piece where every phrase can be classed as a device of counterpoint. There are plenty of places where I could have made more notes regarding augmentation, diminution and inversion. It leads me to think that the whole piece is built on the motif I have outlined and all parts of it have examples of the four devices making for an extremely clever piece of music and one which embodies counterpoint.

I really liked this piece and I prefer this to the Fugue in G, it was longer but I felt there more to it on my initial listen.