Learning Log Page 19

I chose to compare two works by Mozart and chose the Academy of Ancient Music to listen to the piece in its original form.

Piano Concerto No 5 in D Major and Piano Concerto No 16 in D Major

The pieces played in the way in which they were composed sounded different from the modern interpretations of the concertos. My initial thoughts were the piano sounded more like it was a harpsichord, and I believe a lack of sustain was present as the notes sounded short and stunted if that sounds right. Comparing the two I would say that there aren’t as many instruments playing in the original piece as there would be in a more modern piece. The tones on the instruments sounded different, they didn’t sound as sharp and clear as the more modern pice. It gave quite a harsh sound to the piece. The orchestra as a whole in the more modern piece sound fuller and a lot softer, the piano sounds softer with the notes sounding more and not being cut off, the use of the sustain pedal doubt. The sound seemed to flow more than the piece as it was originally performed. Listening to the pieces you hear how the orchestra has developed, the sounds of the original performance are quite stunted and rigid but the modern orchestra give such a softer and more flowing sound. The orchestra seems much larger too which gives it that better sound. It was very interesting to do this exercise and hear the differences.

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