Listening Log – Composing Music

Edwin Fischer – Gramophone December 2022

I chose this recording as Edwin Fischer was featured in Gramophone in December 2022. It was interesting to read about him. I hadn’t heard or recognised any of the pieces that were are featured in this exceptionally comprehensive collection of his playing. There is a gentle feel to his playing. In the article Daniel Barenboim is quoted “He played the Mozart concertos exactly as they should be played” ( I do not know where the author found this quote from). I really enjoyed hearing unfamiliar compositions and it makes me understand the breadth of the catalogues that the great composers have.

Meredith Monk – Gramophone profile

In order to give a good balance to the range of music I am listening to I decided to explore Meredith Monk after reading a profile of her in Gramophone December 2022 issue. She is an extremely interesting person as her work is more than that of a composer but she identifies herself as a composer first and foremost.

I liked the music in this but I absolutely hated the vocalisations which seemed out of place for me. In some places it just sounded like a screech and for me it took away the rhythmic pulsing in the compositions. So for me, loved the music which was spoilt by the vocals.