Listening Log – Composing Music

Gramophone recording of the Month – December 2022

As this was a recording of the month I thought I would listen to it especially as I hadn’t really listened to too much Beethoven and Mozart at the time. However it needs noting that the artist,Paul Wee, is a lawyer by day and a pianist by night which is something astounding in itself. He is absolutely brilliant. There is a passion in his playing I have not heard before, clear and crisp notes and I was engaged. If I can imagine someone playing this then I am in tune with the recording. Loved every note played in this recording and am glad I took the plunge.

Gramophone recommended listening – December 2022

This recording caught my attention as it was mentioned at the end of an article about Schumann’s Violin Sonata No 1 in which the violinist Renaud Capucon discusses the piece. This recording was made during a live performance earlier in the year. He also discusses how he was drawn to the piece from a 1985 recording that the pianist Martha Argerich, played on there and does with this one.

I loved the sonata, the melancholy of the minor chord gives the piece a hint of passion, which I felt was embracing. The piano does not drown out the violin and they are in perfect harmony. I found the whole recording very pleasant to listen to.