Assignment 1 – Music From the Present to the Past

I have received feedback for my first assignment and I am encouraged. It is daunting for me as I have not done this kind thing in such a long time, but after having read the comments of my tutor I am very pleased with myself . There is nothing negative in the comments so that is a brilliant start, just things to improve on and implement in my future work.

So what have I learnt? I can pull my thoughts together and put them into a essay but I do need to work on covering everything that is asked of me. I can do that but I found the word restriction the problem. However I will work on it. I have to give a good balance of the subject.

It is lovely to read that I am very good at explaining how music makes me feel but I need to make these thoughts a little more broader and incorporate descriptions to technical features within the music. Ask questions and answer them in my listening logs.

My problem seems to be this Harvard referencing system. It looks very complex to the untrained eye and I am not sure if I am going to be able to get this right. By that I mean yes I can reference it but its the way of doing it, am I doing it correctly? There seems quite a lot to remember but as my tutor said, good practices now and then they become second nature. As I am going for a formal assessment I can re do my first assignment and include all the relevant references and redo what needs doing.

In total I am doing the right thing but I have areas that need improving on which I have taken note of (literally writing these points in a notebook), and I will bear these in mind going forward.

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