Composing Music – Part 1 – Exploring Rhythm

Project 3 – Three and more instruments

I admit that I am finding composing hard. I am really doubting my skills at this moment in time. Am I doing something wrong, do my pieces sound the same all the time. Am I heading for a huge fail. Only time will tell and I have to press on with it.

So this is my first attempt in this part of the module and I don’t think this is too good. No I ma not happy with it but I am loathe to start again. Maybe the feedback from my tutor will give me some pointers as to where I need to improve.

1st study for three or more instruments
1st study for three or more instruments – audio file

This second piece I took a different approach with and I think I ended up making a better job of this. I started off working solely with woodblocks as I like the sound on those. I found a pattern I liked and I knew I could wrk around. Then I added tambourine trying to find a nice blend with the woodblocks. As. am a bass guitarist I want to add the bass drum and from there I found it easier to work something. I did change some of the initial work and it seemed more and more like it fitted better. As I progressed through the piece I decided to add snare drum and then cymbals. I actually like what I have achieved with this now and I have left it where it is. Now it depends on what my tutor thinks of it. I know I am naive in my composing but I honestly do not find it easy and know I need to improve.

Three and more instruments – study 2
Three and more instruments – study 2