Composing Music – Part 1 – Exploring Rhythm

Project 4 – About Structure

This is where I have been introduced to the concept of drafting a design for the proposed work.

The plan that I come up with is not a strict plan but it aims to guide me into the structure of the piece that I am working on. P putting these steps into practice is ideal for the assignments ahead in this module.

The plan is to state the main idea or theme. Then work out the contrasting middle section and finally the closing section which also needs to recall the opening part.

I will need to work out the bars per minute to come up with the final time for the piece that I am working on.

The advice given in this section is to avoid big or sudden changes to patterns before they have been well established. Once you have established what the piece is all about , you can introduce changes in the development of the material, otherwise yo are at risk of confusing or using the listener in the early stages.

In summary

  • Concentrate musical ideas in clear statements
  • create a structure in which ideas and the overall composition can be developed
  • research and apply practical information about speed, dynamics and the instruments you intend to use in your composition

Research Point

Using the suggested link for Marc Zouitendijk Percussion Information where there is a list of pieces for percussion I chose the pieces that can be found in my listening log which can be found here

Listening log