Composing Music Part 2 – Exploring Melody and Scales

Project 7 Exploring different scales

Whole Tone Scales

Using the D major scale (D E F# G#A# C) on the Treble Recorder

Using the E Flat major scale ( E Flat, F G A B Dflat Eflat)

East European Scales

Using the A major scale ( A, B flat, C#, D, D F G#, A)

Using the G minor scale (G, A, B flat, C#, D, E flat, F#, G)

Middle Eastern 8 note scales

Using Bflat Major (Bflat, C D flat, Eflat, F#, G A Flat)

Using Bminor (B, C, D, Eflat, F, G flat, Aflat, A, B)

Nine Note Scales (Nonatonic)

Using E major (F#, G#, A, B. C Dflat, D. E flat E)

Using A minor (Bflat, B, C#, D Eflat, E, F#, G# A)

Chromatic scale

Using F major (G flat, G, A flat, A, B flat, B, C, D flat, D, Flat, E, F)